Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CIty Park 6 Miles

I ran to the track at lunch, unlocked it for Craig Murray and then Chipman and I ran easy around city park, on the path, off our usual route. Nice day in the park, not too hot. We talked HS cross country a lot. Dave's son is top runner for his school. And Zach is #4 for 4th ranked Smoky, so interesting perspectives. The teams meet at Dave Saunders Meet in a few weeks.

I took yesterday off to recover from the long run, felt a lot better, but didn't want to push a track workout. So easy 6. My mind and body needed it, a lot of stress at work this week.

Congratulations to Alicia, who competed in the world Olympic Triathlaon Age Group Championships in Budapest, Hungary last weekend. She got 11th in her Age Group and 2nd American.

The Epic Relay Released a video, they took a lot of my pictures from relay I posted on line and included them, so there's lots of pictures of our team. Kinda cool, they didn't ask my permission or give me credit though, wonder if they asked the Black Eyed Peas. Just kidding of course...

6 Miles 47 Minutes

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