Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fitness Festival 5K

Ran the Fitness Festival 5K today. 21:04. My slowest 5k in about 5 years.
I ran pretty smooth, but never got into my race pace. I probably should have warmed up. Although mile 2 was my slowest.

At about 2 1/2 miles, Zach passed me without breaking a sweat. He had started in the back and was doing a tempo run. He said "Hi Dad" as he ran past. I remember a few years ago holding back to run with him, how time flies. The rest of the varsity and a couple of the JV guys were right behind Zach and said Hi as they passed me. When I got to the last turn about 2/10 of mile from the finish, I saw this guy in a blue singlet who looked to be about my age, I really wanted to pass him. So I kicked it in, had a smooth kick and did pass him just before the finish. On my way I passed several of the smoky kids who cheered for me to kick it, that was kind of cool for a change. Didn't quite catch Zach though.

A lot of Smoky parents and all the coaches run it. The Mills and Bliven beat me. Lisa passed me at about the mile mark and pulled away, pretty sure she won her age group. She is in great shape. Jeff started ahead and cruised to a 19:40. Fun race with some good food after. We hung out a while. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Sunny but cool for the race and warmed up after.

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