Monday, September 6, 2010

Park to Park 10 MIle Race - 1:13:20

I ran the park to park 10 miler today, Labor Day. Ran it in 1:13:21. An average performance I'd have to say. I went into the race thinking I would like to break 1:15 but not push for the sub 7 pace, not that I could have anyway.

I rode to the race with Bob, leaving my car at wash park. Then saw Jeff B, the cross country coach warming up. We chatted a bit and jogged to the start with Jay S.

It was supposed to be a windy chilly morning, but turned out perfect with no wind, but cool temperatures. Not a cloud in the sky. A great crisp Denver September morning. Fun course than runs a lot of familiar territory, city, Cheeseman and wash park plus about 3/4 of a the middle 3 route to wash park. Fun.

I started easy with a nice downhill at the race start. Got into a 7 minute pace. Jeff came up behind me and we ran together through the first water stop at mile 2.5. We were both able to carry on a conversation so we weren't pushing too hard. We talked about the meet, Zach and the team and the logistics and some of the feedback of the meet. He wanted to run sub 7 so we separated at the water and I saw him pull away from me for a while through Cheeseman. It is a hilly course in sections, no tough hills but several little ones. Road all the way, usually we run the paths in the parks so a bit different running the roads.

I felt good most of the way, some left heel pain and a bit of glute/hip tightness. No hamstring issues, that was good. About mile 4 1/2 I saw Matt on his bike, he yelled out my name. Saw him again at the finish.

I finished pretty strong and passed a lot of people that last mile in Wash Park. When I finished the announcer called out "Daniel McConnel". I saw a lot of familiar faces at the finish. Jill, Matt, Bob and Jeff B. The Smoky Hill CC team was volunteering with food so I saw all those kids plus the Mills. Lisa was coordinating the food, Bill took some pictures. Saw him on the last turn before the park. Later on I saw Lonnie from the Anadarko team. He ran a 58 and was 18th overall. 11th in his age group though. Tough age group.

Jeff B hit his goal running a 1:09 and Bob did great running a 1:08 and getting 3rd in his age group.

I was 12th in my age group and 155 overall.

We hung out for a while talking with different runners and enjoyed the food. Great food at the finish and a good band. A well organized race. A bit pricey for 10 miler but it goes to a good cause, no post race beer garden and no awards ceremony. Which we waited for because Bob placed. Then we drove back to the start where I dropped Bob at his car. It was a nice day and it was only 10:30, so plenty of time to enjoy Labor Day.

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Park to Park Race Results

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