Thursday, September 9, 2010

Around Wash Park - 9.5 Miles

I ran 9.5 Miles around Wash Park on the path from the Y today. Been a while since I ran that route. It's a nice route. I went earlier, around 11:35 so I timed it where I would see the group running the first half of the middle 3 and run back with them to the Y. So I timed it about right.

I'm running the fitness festival 5k on Saturday, so no middle 3. I did want the extra miles without the speed so this run made sense. It was warm, 85 degrees.

Chipman ran a middle 3 with Jeff, we talked high school cross country on the way back.

9.5 Miles total, 1:18:32, an easy 8:10 pace.

My weight is back down to 149.. Which is good Marathon Running weight for me. Maybe I should push for 145.

Garmin Watch Data

I went to the City Meet at 4:00 at Aurora Sports park to watch Zach and the Smoky Hill Team.

They did well. They won the city meet both boys and girls. Zach ran 18:24, finished 10th overall (4th Smoky). He made all city 2nd team. Congrats Zach. Very exciting race. All 5 Smoky scorers were in the top 12, with a score of 33.

I ended up running a couple of extra miles at the meet. From the Start over to the bridge and back a couple of times, about a half mile each way, once for the boys and once for the girls. I ran easy but that's 2 more miles. 11.5 for the day.

Link to an Article on the meet.

2010 City Meet Champs - Smoky Hill

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