Sunday, September 26, 2010

Long Run 20.1

Ran a long run at CC Park today. Same route as my last 2 20's. Went much better today. I ran easier, left leg did well till the last couple of miles where I could feel it getting tight. Pace was much better today, even though I still had that cough and some congestion in my chest. I really only coughed when I stopped for water or to use the bathroom.

It was a good long run, about where I'd like to be for my first 20 miler, not my last 20 miler before a marathon. Comparing the pace to my last long run before Boston it was about 25 seconds per mile slower. It did get warm the last hour. I left at 7 am, should have left at 6:30. First couple of miles were chilly, then it was great till about mile 16 then it was hot but not brutal like previous long runs. It was a beautiful fall day. Blue Skies, leaves starting to turn. Calm Blue lake with a full moon setting over the clear mountains.

So, I'm not sure if I want to do the Denver Marathon. This workout was kind of in between and didn't really convince me either way. I will think about it, maybe run 15 or so at Marathon Pace next week and decide.

20.1 Miles 50.1 Miles for the week.

Garmin Watch Data for Long Run

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