Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yo Yo Yoga

Ran to middle of Cheesman Park and back (3.3 Miles) and then went straight into Yoga class for an hour right after.

I took the last 3 days off running mainly to recover from my cold but also to rest my legs from the slacker half on Saturday. Also had a massage yesterday. Cold hit me hard for a couple of days but I'm on the mend now and I never got to that deep cough stage so should bounce back quick.

I ran with Tom and Bob today, it was hot and sunny, they went on as I turned back, a pretty good pace. On the way back on the downhill I could feel it in my quads from slacker downhills, tight and tired.

Went straight to yoga class, class had just started, the room was full and I was sweating like a dog, so I grabbed a spot up front away from everyone. I was sweating pretty good, dripping and sure I didn't smell to good either. That room is warm anyway. Should have grabbed a towel and had a water bottle though. Good class, we did a lot of leg poses and bends and detox poses. Susan just came back from a "wild vacation" with her "crazy" sister, so we detoxed a lot. Which I figured was good for my cold too. I imagined sweating away the cold toxins and medication I've been taking. My legs were trembling in a few poses where the hips and quads were stressed, but good for me.

3.3 Miles and 1 hour of Sweat Yoga.

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