Monday, June 21, 2010

Congress Park 5 Miles

Ran the Congress Park 5 Mile route today. After yesterdays workout I decided to taper down my mileage and intensity this week for fresh legs on Saturday. So I did the 5 mile vs the 7 mile Wash Park route, plus I had not done a pool run since it opened in 2010 for the summer.

Ran with Tim, Tom, and Pete. Andre was the only Wash Park 7 guy today. Everyone else did Cheeseman (jeff, matt, dave).

It was hot, 85 degrees with sun. We ran an easy pace and walked the pool as is our tradition, then picked it up from the end of Cheeseman to the Y with a burst from Pete about a 1/2 mile out, we all followed for a strong finish in the heat to the Y.

5 Miles 41:20.

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