Friday, June 11, 2010

City Park Golf Course - 7

Ran the City Park Golf Course route today at lunch. Ran with Jay, Scott,Chipman, Bob and Craig M.

We started out kina fast for a Friday easy day run, with Scott and Chipman setting the pace as they casually chatted. My legs were a tired from yesterday's middle 3 and the miles this week, also tired because I had to work late. Anyway I was kinda relieved when I turned to do the golf course and nobody was with me so I could slow down from they 7:15 pace we were running to a more normal 8 minute pace.

As I ran down the North side of the Golf Course, I met Bob about half way up and we ran back to the Y together. We talked about Garden of the Gods 10 mile race, he's doing this Sunday a week after his steamboat marathon. He was describing the course and telling me how challenging it is and how competitive the field is. I ran it probably about 10 years ago when I was more casual about my running.

7 Miles 54 Minutes

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