Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rest Day and a Key to the Track

I took a rest day today, from running anyway. I needed one. I had a really good massage last night 80 minutes, worked a lot of sore areas, mainly from my Half Marathon on Sunday. Calfs, left hamstring, left heel, hips, right more than left. Then went home and got a really good nights sleep as it rained through the night.

Went to the Y today, did some light biking and rowing and then went to Susan's Yoga Class. It had been about a month since I last went to Yoga. Susan gave me a little friendly lecture about not coming. I told her I had been busy with work mainly. She said she saw me running on a Wednesday once instead of Yoga and she was hurt. Oops Busted. All in fun though. She's great. Good class, I needed it, I'm out of Yoga shape already.

We got a key and a Permit to the East High School track for our group. Yes! Thanks to Craig and others and Alicia and the power of the post. I put a couple of links up on the prostates about it, but here's the articles here.

Original Article where I was interviewed but not quoted...

Editorial by Alicia after we got access

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