Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bolder Boulder 10K - 43:25

Ran the Bolder Boulder 10k Race today in 43:25.

Not my best effort. My goal was 42 and I was a minute slower than last year's PR effort.

Zach did really well. He ran a 39:58. A PR for him and another distance where he holds the family record now and another race he beat me in head to head. Way to go Zach, I'm proud of you. 8 Minutes off last year for him.

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Bolder Boulder Results

We left the house at 5 am since our waves started at 7:01. My sister Kim, Janiece and Daniel went with us (their first Boulder). They had to pick up their race packets, so I dropped them off at the start, then Zach and I drove back to the stadium and parked. It was a beautiful Sunny morning, temperatures in the 50's. Zach and I jogged/walked the 2 miles from the stadium to the start line.
As we were running over I felt feverish and a bit congested from the allergies, we were running easy so I was starting to think this might not be my day. We had plenty of time to porta potti and get lined up. Zach a wave ahead of me in AA. We saw Tom and Bob. I saw Craig M behind me just before the gun.

Fun start with the waves and the gun and the trumpets for each wave. The first mile is shaded and downhill and it is easy to go fast. I was feeling feverish and thinking it was going to be a tough race but maybe I would loosen up. I ran the first mile in 6:30, ahead of pace. Craig M passed me right about mile 1. I never saw Bob the entire race. Mile 2 has a good hill and the sun starts to hit you, lots of turns through the neighborhood. I was starting to feel it, and did a 7 minute mile. Fun race though. The blues brothers, Elvis, lots of bands. belly dancers, water slides, pools, sprinklers. People giving out refreshments. The smell of Bacon at mile 2, nauseating. People were giving out Doritos (with no water), beer and donuts. One year I'm going to run it for fun and do all of that stuff.

Mile 3 continues through the neighborhood and uphill before your first nice downhill. 7:12 on that mile. OK no PR and I wasn't feeling so good. I knew the biggest hill was ahead. From 3 to 4 is the most uphill, but I did a 7:05. I started feeling better at the peak hill of the race, which has a banner just past mile 4.

There is a nice downhill after the peak, almost 2 miles of downhill and flat. This is your reward. This is where a lot of people turn it up. Today I did not have much turn up, but I was feeling better. 6:49 for mile 5. Then you turn into the sun on the Pearl street mall. The crowds pick up and you feel it. Something that gets me every year, so I'm making a note of it for next year. There are kilometer signs every kilometer and miles signs every mile. After 7 kilometers you look for the 5 mile sign and think you see it, but it is the 7.5 kilometer sign, where they start doing half kilometers. The 5 miles sign is after 8 km.

Mile 5 to 6 is on Folsom street and is pretty flat till you get to the stadium where it jumps up for the last 3 tenths of a mile. I was looking at my watch thinking I would beat my age but no PR. I tried to push it a bit harder but didn't feel like racing. 6:53 for mile 6.

The last 2 tenths is a short hill and then a 1/2 lap around the stadium to the finish. A great place to finish at Folsom Feild. Fun. Jumbo Trons, crowds in the stands. I remember a guy cut me off on the curve at the stadium just before the finish. I thought really? He was younger, I even kinda clipped his heel as he cut in. I surged outside and made sure I out kicked him to the finish. Runners and egos huh?

I saw Zach after, he was so happy he broke 40, showed me his watch. He was sweaty. We made our way to water and Gatorade and talked about the race. We made our way to 118 and saw some other runner Friends. Tom, Peggy, Tim, Steve C. Drank a beer and watched the runners finish. Then went to the expo and got all the free stuff, Ice Cream Fruit Bars are the best. Saw Bob at the expo, we had an ice cream bar in the nice summer sun and talked about running. He did well but did not feel like he went as fast as he should have. He has steamboat Marathon the next weekend. Went to the car and got phones and stuff then went back to the expo and back to 118 where we saw Craig M and my nephew Dan. Zach's friend Collin came by and they hung out.

It was a nice day and most everyone left. Bob dropped back by 118, then left to find his other running group. I waited for a long time in the sun for Kim and Janiece. They had a really late start thanks to Janiece's race day registration. They tried to sneak her through Kim's wave but got busted by "Myrtle". But they got there about 11. We talked about the race, then I took them to the expo for more Ice Cream and get their race shirts and drop bags, hung out at the expo a bit then we drove home around 1, the elite runners were finishing as we were outside the stadium at the expo, we could hear the roars. Fun day. What an event. One of my favorites.

Here's a post for the Pickled Prostates Results for Bolder Boulder 2010


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  1. Congrats to Zach on breaking 40, oh the places he's going!! I sent ya a message asking if you had any problems on the course but didn't hear back so was reading your blog to find some clues. Maybe just not your day, but you still did incredible. I ran 20x400's last night and feeling it for sure today...one day I'll get back into 10K shape, maybe this fall. Have a great 1/2 in SD this weekend, looks like a warm one so drink lots of H2O!!