Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Track Again - 6X800, 1X400

We did intervals at the East High School Track today. Yes. After a 5 year lock out we are back on the track at EHS. According to my running logs, March of 2005 was the last time I ran there.

It is such a nice rubberized track, flat with artificial turf infield, very clean, no step off on the inside like at many tracks. Even a porta potti . It's also kind of private, with a big fence and the locked gate. We saw other runners run past looking at us with envy.

Good group for the inaugural event. Chris, Pete C, Bob, Alicia, Craig M, myself. Later joined by Scott and Chipman. It's a fast track and very spongy. Some of the guys said it would be great to run with spikes.

I did 6X800 from 2:55 to 2:58. Did the last 2 800's with Chipman and then a 400 at 78.

I'm loving the new track and am spoiled already. Sun was out today too, but not too hot. A bit of a breeze on the track. A perfect start to a summer of track work.

7.5 Miles with 3.25 of speed work.

After work, when I got home. I ran 5 miles out and back from the Old Library to CC Park. It was flat and some trail so that helped make the second run easy. I went at an easy pace out and a bit faster coming back. Nice summer evening for a run. Temp around 70 with a breeze and a nice sunset.

5 Miles 42 Minutes.

12.5 for the day

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