Tuesday, June 22, 2010

EHS Track 4X400, 3X300

Ran a lighter interval workout at the EHS track today.

4X400 79,8179,79 with a 200 recovery

3X300 61,59,60 with a 200 recovery

We had a big group at the track today. Even Caprera, Jeff and Carlos were out there today. Caprera did his first real track work in a while. Matt showed up as a warm up for his night time track group. Scott did a lap tapering for his big race. Craig and Tom running 400's pushing each other. Not bad for a hot day (85). The new track inspired more people to show up I'm sure. Craig C was the key keeper today. Most of the group left early after a symbolic lap or two or 4 400's.

Pete C was the iron man today doing 7 400's. Chipman did some fast 400's after getting there late.

The 300's came from Alicia she got there late and had 6 300's on her schedule, so I did 3 with her at her pace which is pretty close to my 400 pace.

I wanted to get some speed work in but not to many miles or longer distance (800) so this was about right, I think.

Bob joined us at the track late and ran a few laps as part of his long run, then we locked up the track and ran back (Alicia, Pete, Chipman, Bob and myself).

I got woken up last night by a phone call from Michelle, we were doing a production migration load for our Texas client. So I was up from midnight till 2 am. I was really tired at work and after the track workout but for the track I didn't feel any effects.

6 Miles Total 48 Minutes with 1.6 Miles of Speed Work

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