Monday, June 14, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park route with the group today. Good size group at the start.

Matt, Craig M, Andre, Bob and myself ran to wash park and back. Matt's run 5 miles in 3 weeks but pretty much set the pace for the group. We got faster each mile and finished the last mile at a 7:15 pace.

I'm breaking in new shoes on this run. Hopefully no blisters with 7 miles at that pace for the first run, usually like to run a couple of shorter slower runs in them to start the break in, I could feel the heat in the soles from the run. Same model and color as the last pair. My last pair had some good memories. Started with Boston Training, Moab, Boston, Boulder, Mickelson and ended with yesterdays epic Guanella pass trail run. So long old shoes I will miss you, you served me well for 435 Miles.

My shoes on their last day in the running rotation.
Now they will be set out to pasture for leisurely walking.

7 Miles 54 Minutes.

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