Friday, June 18, 2010

City Park Golf Course 7

Ran the Golf Course 7 Mile route at lunch today. Just Matt and I started today at the Y, Chipman caught us about a mile up 16th at the light on Park Avenue. We ran the 7 miles in 53:44. Matt and Chipman talked about the NCAA conferences Big 12, Pac 12, Mountain West, BYU, Utah pretty much the whole way. I just ran and listened. My only comment was about not seeing as many OU games because CU is no longer in the conference.

Sunny Day, Beautiful views of downtown running from City Park in. Lot's of Cafe People on 17th. Good Pace, a bit sore from yesterday. Hamstring and Heel. Still breaking in those new shoes.

Rest Day Tomorrow and then a mountain run on Sunday. Looks like a good weekend for Denver weatherwise.

7 Miles 53:44

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