Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wash Park Intervals

Ran the wash park 7 Mile route today. Did some tempo intervals along the way with Bob and one with Matt.

Started out with Alicia, Matt, Andre, Dan, Dave C, Chris and Jay. We split up along the way with just Matt, Bob, Andre and myself doing the Wash park 7. Bob did an interval at Cheeseman which I held back from. He did one at the country club and I joined him as he sprinted up the hill. We were going pretty hard the 3/4 Mile to the Park. At one point we were at a 5:15 pace according to my Garmin. When we got to the park we took a break and waited for the others, then picked it up again from Alameda to Speer. Downhill. Bob kept asking for our pace and I'd read it off my Garmin and he'd say. No way, I can't run that fast.

On the way back Bob was telling me about the Steamboat Marathon this Sunday and his strategy and pace for the race at various miles. Interesting. He's done that race several times and knows the course well. 3:25 goal for him.

We picked it up some the last mile and I hit the downhill to the Y pretty hard. I have a lot of downhill running planned in June.

I messed up my Garmin early in the run so missed a mile or so.
Garmin Watch Data for Run

7 Miles 52:05

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