Thursday, June 10, 2010

Middle 3

Ran the Middle 3 in 18:50 today. My first Middle 3 in a month. Also my first middle 3 or tempo run in the heat. 77 Today with sun, no wind.

I thought my streak of sub 19 Middle 3's going back to 2008 was in danger of being broken. I started off slow, 3:15 first half mile and was at 9:48 at the turn around. But I kicked it in gear and had a negative split. I ran a 2:38 for the downhill 1/2 mile split with a nice traffic stop at speer on the way. I also had a decent kick at the finish, but I was gassed. The heat and the negative split hit me hard. My legs were still tight also, which made for the slow start.

Ran with Jeff, Tom and Alicia today. Jeff did a Cheeseman tempo. Alicia turned around and the hill and then Tom took it up tempo from there back to the middle 3. The 3 of us ran back together. Nice easy recovery run back.

On the way out on our run, we saw Doug talking to a policeman near Emerson street. I saw him in the locker room later and turns out he had a bad encounter with a driver in a white pickup who ran through the cross walk and clipped him. The driver got mad after Doug banged on his window and ended up threatening him, swinging at him and spitting on Doug before he drove off. Doug got his license and filed a police report. Feel bad for Doug and other runners with idiot motorists like that out there.

7 Miles 50:50 with 18:50 on the middle 3.

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