Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cheeseman Intervals - 6 X 1/2 Mile

Ran Cheeseman Intervals at lunch with the group. Did 6 X 1/2 Mile under 3 minutes. 2:48 for the fastest. With a 3 to 4 minute recovery between them.

Tom, Craig C, Craig M, Pete, Alicia and Charles (back from China) all did intervals today but I was the only one to do 6.

Alicia and Charles did 4, then ran back to the Y the others left after 2. Hadn't seen Charles in over a year, he went to China for work and is now back in Boulder. Is still fast although he says he's out of shape, he was the fastest on the Intervals, 2:35 on the first one. Craig M hung with him on the first 2 before he left.

On the last 2 I slowed down some, but was still within my range. I am still sore and lucky that I have a massage scheduled tonight. My calfs are tight.

Garmin Watch Data for Intervals

Ran back with Pete who was still hanging around the park, I think he did 5 Intervals with some stretching.

7 Miles 55:29

Looks like we are getting a key to the East High School Track maybe this week so intervals there next week maybe...

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