Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zach Breaks 5 on the mile

Zach ran the mile at the centennial League Meet today. He ran 4:59. A PR and he met is goal of breaking a 5 minute mile this year. He ran a good race. 72 on the first quarter and 2:28 at the half. He had a strong kick at the end because he was cutting close but gave it all he had. Way to go Zach, I'm proud of you buddy. It wa a fast field. Schaffer of cherry creek ran a 4:15. Fun to watch.

Zach running the Mile at the Centennial League Meet for Smoky Hill.

Zach on his last lap toward a 4:59 PR

2010 Centennial League Meet Results

I didn't run today, rest day, track meet and did some yard work. Lawn is looking good with all the rain we've gotten.

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  1. I agree--so proud of you buddy.
    you show what happens if you work hard at something!