Sunday, May 2, 2010

11 Easy Miles at CC Park

Ran 11 today at Cherry Creek Park. Left from my house about 11:15. It was partly cloudy and cool, temperature around 50 with some wind from the east. Wanted to get in at least 10 but go easy and stay on trails or dirt as much as possible. I ended up doing about half the run on trail.

I ran from my house down by the old library and then over the 3 bridges to the trails that run East/West along Jordan. Then turned up and run up to butterfly hill. Stopped at the top for a drink and a to take in the great view and saw a coyote run across the path ahead. There were some people with small dogs around but none within sight. Then I ran over the the Porta-Potti and back through my favorite trial that leads to shop creek, I saw some deer in the trees there, a couple of young bucks were pretty close to the trail. I was feeling good, so I added another mile by doing a circular trail loop before heading back up the hills on Bellview.

My legs got a little tired after 7 miles. My pace was slow and got slower.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

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