Monday, May 10, 2010

Wash Park 7 Miles

Ran to Wash Park and back today with the group at lunch.
Andre, Bob, Tom and Craig C joined me.
The other part of the group ran the Congress Park Route.

We ran to the park at the normal pace and then started picking it up just a bit on the way back, the last mile was pretty fast. Bob was doing some speed work, so he was running circles around us. My legs were tired from yesterday. Felt a little tweak in my hamstring a couple of times.

Some of the guys are running a Bannister Make Up mile (or revenge mile) tomorrow, I was planning on going to the track anyway, so I'll go and maybe pace them for an 800. I am going to try to get some speed back before Bolder Boulder if the hamstring will allow.

7 Miles 56 Minutes

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