Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bannister Mile

We ran the Bannister Mile today in my running group. An annual event in early may where we run to Manual Track (2 Miles), Then run a mile all out, group start on the track. We've been doing this for a few years now. Anyway it's a lot of fun and you get to see how fast you can run a mile on that day. We had 14 runners this year.

I did a 5:44. About 9 seconds slower than last year, but about where I thought I was for now.

The results for our group are posted on the prostates web site.

I ran pretty good, I felt good the whole way. A couple of times I felt myself relax into a 5k pace and had to remind myself it was only a mile so Push! For whatever reason I did not get my lap splits, but I think I was around 82, 250, 420, and then 5:44. It was fun. Craig Murray was breathing on my neck as we finished the last 100.

Bannister Mile Lap 2

A bit windy on the north end curve. It was interesting to see where everyone finished. Tom and Craig were dead even with a photo finish. Fun watching Matt and Scott ahead of me. And Chris is an animal, he beats me every year by about 4 seconds.

Mark brought a camera so we got some good pictures this year.

Then we did a 8X200 relay, our team won, Matt ran 2 legs. We did a 4:12, fast but a ways off the 4:00 goal mark. The other team was about 4:30.

Then the 2 mile run back to the Y, recanting the race stories as we go.

Fun Day.

5.5 Miles

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