Sunday, May 16, 2010

13 Miles at Cherry Creek

Ran a 13 Mile loop at Cherry Creek State Park today. It was a really nice day, temperatures in the 60-70's with sun and very little wind.

I left about 10:30, it was around 60, I wore a singlet and shorts. Ran down to the Park by the old library, trails up to the end of the park at West Middle School, then back by the Marina, through the trail and then the road back home. 13.05 miles. So 13.1 if you run to the end of the block. A nice half Marathon course, with a good mix of Terrain, hills and some great views.

I felt good, held pretty close to an 8 minute pace most of the way, even on some of the hills. I got into the zone a few times. My legs felt good, the Marathon Fatigue is gone. I remembered thinking how much easier it was to run compared to 2 weeks ago when I did a similar course.

Got my Bolder Boulder packet hand delivered today. Thanks to Lisa, she works and runners roost and saw Zach and my packets and brought them to our house on her way home. We chatted a bit, her daughter made it to State in the 3200 meters. Congratulations Lauren. Matt Caldwell made it to state in several events. Lisa has always been very supportive of Zach and congratulated him on his sub-5 mile. Thanks for the Packet Drop Off Lisa.

13 Miles 1:46.03

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