Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cheeseman Intervals 4 X 1/2 Mile

Ran Cheeseman Intervals today. 4 1/2 Mile intervals, time range of 2:50 - 2:58. It was a steeplechase course with water obstacles, mud, construction areas, a bit of everything.

Ran with Jay and Tom. Scott and Matt did a couple of laps around the park, Dan was with them some of that. Alicia ran to the park with us and then did one of her complex zone interval threshold workouts, we didn't see her again.

My last interval was the fastest because Craig M got there late and gave me someone to chase which sped me up some.

I skipped yesterdays run due to work and wind, very strong wind. Rowed and biked a short workout instead.

Nicer today, no wind, sunny but not hot. Massage with Tara tonight, first massage since Boston.
Putting a lot of hours at work. Stressful, needed a run and massage today.

5.5 Miles 42 Minutes with 2 miles of Interval work.

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