Monday, May 17, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran the wash park 7 mile route today. I was a little sore from the run yesterday and the yard work I did for the rest of the day. But once I loosened up after a mile or so, I felt good. Did not push the pace above the normal group run.

4 of us ran the 7 mile. Bob, Matt, Tom and myself. It was the first shirtless run of the year. Temperatures in the 70's with sun, so we ran sans shirts.

Energizer Bunny Bob, ran the Colfax Marathon yesterday in 3:39 and then ran the 7 miles today. When Matt picked up the pace on the way back, Bob stayed with him at about a 7 minute pace, while Tom and I hung back. Bob might be the first guy in our group to run with the group the day after a Marathon.

There is a growing issue in our running group about Track Gate. There were a couple of emails this weekend, one from Craig C offering one side from the runners perspective and Jeff offering another defending the schools. With a post reporter in the middle. I talked to the reporter on Friday on the phone regarding DPS shutting down their tracks and our history there. Not sure if they are going to do a story or not.

7 Miles 55 Minutes

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