Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cheeseman Intervals + Tempo Mile

Well since we no longer have a downtown track to use, I did Cheesman Intervals today. Did 4 1/2 Mile Intervals (2:55 to 3:05) and then I did a 10k tempo mile from Colfax back to the Y, at 6:33. On the way back from the Y, it started thundering and lightening and you could feel the humidity and smell the rain coming. About 3 blocks away it started raining big drops, which help me keep on pace. Got to the Y just as it started pouring.

Ran with the group, although Tom is the only one who did some intervals. Andre went to wash park, Dan and Tim did Cheesman at the normal pace. Dave started with us and turned back at Cheesman.

On the way to Cheesman, we caught up to Laura from the Y. She has run there for a couple of years but not with our group. I ran a lap at Cheesman with her before the intervals and she is now injury free and racing some (she wore a Boulder 9k shirt). She's going to run Bolder Boulder this year too. I told her she should run and train with us some, she said she's "working her way up to it". She wasn't too far off the group pace. So she might join us on Friday's Duck Ponds as she gets in shape.

We always try to help other downtown runners and get more regulars in the group.

7 Miles 53 Minutes

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