Monday, May 24, 2010

Waterton Canyon - 14.5 Miles

Ran the Waterton Canyon today. 12.3 Miles out and Back in the canyon and then 2.3 Miles Recovery run after. Did 10.2 of the 12.3 at Tempo after a 2 mile warm up.

My pace on the Tempo averaged 7:41.

Ran Back from the Dam in 46:30, a 7:30 Pace. Up at a

Really nice day for running the Canyon. I've never run it this time of year. Very Green compared to my January run there with Zach and Matt, Temperatures were in the 60's with Blue Skies. The wind was minimal. Least wind I think I've ever had in the canyon. A bit of a headwind coming back.

I met Jill and her friends from her blog Kathleen and Steve at the parking lot at 7:30. Kathleen and Steve live in Colorado Springs and do a lot of trail running, there first time to run the Canyon. Steve is recovering from a running injury so he road his mountain bike.

I ran the first 2 Miles with Jill at Kathleen at about an 8:30 pace. When they made a pit stop, I increased the tempo to about 7:45 up to the Dam turnaround. There were a lot of people on the trail/road, mostly riding Bikes. I passed about 10 runners on the way up.

I had a GU there and headed back down. Noticed the wind for the first time. Saw the girls about a quarter mile down on my way back, they were running good. You really notice the downhill on the way back, don't notice it so much on the way up. My sinuses really bugged me from allergies, thanks to all the trees.

1:36:51 (50:22 up, 46:29 Down).

When I got back, I dropped off my pack and had some Gatorade and run back up the trail to meet the girls. I saw Kathleen at about a mile up the trail and then Jill right behind her. I ran back the last mile with Jill, this gave me 14.5 total miles for the day. Was good to run with Jill again and catch up, we had not run together since before Boston.

Thanks for the run Jill and Nice to meet you Steve and Kathleen.

14.5 Miles 1:54:18


  1. Thanks for helping me get that last mile done, Dennis. Definitely not feeling well so that really helped! It was good to run with ya again :).

  2. glad you had a good run with your friends!