Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wash Park 7 - At an ever increasing Pace

I usually take Wednesday off and cross train or Yoga. Since I missed running Monday, and felt like running, I decided to run with the Wednesday group. I had heard rumors in the locker room and from the other runners that the Wednesday Group was a rouge group of runners pushing the pace on an easy day. Fresh Legs with no hangover from Track work on Tuesdays and no worry about a middle 3 on Thursdays. So I ran with the Wednesday runners today... The rumors were true.

We started off easy enough, headed up 16th to Cheeseman. Bob, Andre, Craig M, Tim, Dan and myself. Then the pace picked up and Dan was gone by the time we got to Cheeseman. Then it picked up again as Bob surged ahead of the group. The energizer bunny Bob. Nobody chased him down, but the pace picked up as we ran through the park and worked our way to Speer. Bob circled around and then charged the hill for a 2 mile tempo run at the Country Club. Again nobody chased him down. He beat us to the Wash park pole by a block and then circled the block and met us from the other direction.

We headed back and again the pace increased, 7:15 or so by now. Bob passed us from behind as we headed down the hill to Speer. I decided to chase down Bob on this one. I closed the gap but didn't catch him before the light at Speer, ran with him to the Middle 3 Start and then Bob took off again.

Andre and I picked up the pace a bit and then the clouds rolled in and I felt really good headed back the last mile and a half, I picked up the pace, fresh legs from the rest day and minimal intervals and a cool spring day. I was running comfortably at a 6:40 pace the last mile. I love runs like this. Wish they happened more in races but I felt really good. Everyone ran strong to the end but Energizer Bunny Bob really killed it. And now we can call Andre - 7 Mile Andre again. Summer is here.

7 Miles 51:41

Looks like the Cache-Teton Realy Team Anadarko is coming together we have 12 runners. Sharon has things organized well and she and Neil are running in the relay too. I put the 2 relays on my race list, going to be a fun couple of weeks in August.

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