Monday, May 10, 2010

Cherry Creek Park 12 Miles

I ran an 8 mile loop from home through Cherry Creek Park and then back home. Loaded up the dogs, drove down to the old library and did 4 miles easy with the dogs. Actually 5 miles with the dogs about a mile of walking, lots of stopping easy run.

The 8 Mile loop was at a normal pace. I felt good in places, mainly on the trail and the flat road and picked up the pace a bit. Here is the route and the Garmin Data. I embedded it instead of a link. You can see the route from the blog.

The dog park was so crowded, being mothers day, but we had fun. Kept moving. Sunny day and temperatures in the 70's. The dogs enjoyed the water (and Lucy enjoyed the mud, yuck).

On Saturday, Zach ran a PR 2 mile. 10:57, breaking the 11 minute barrier. He ran a good race, it was fun to watch him, start at the back the first lap and work his way up the pack to about the middle for the finish, it was the slower of two heats, but still a fast group. During the race, Lisa Mills, yelled over at me, "Dennis look at that little kid from Laredo picking off the runners one by one".

12 Miles, 1:45

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