Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wash Park Tempo 5.2 Miles - 9 Total

Ran a 5.2 Mile Tempo Run at lunch today. Went from Y to the middle 3 start (2 miles) then took it up tempo to Wash Park(1.5) and ran the road (2.2) at tempo then back to the Middle 3 start (1.5). 5.2 Miles. Did it in 33:57 a 6:32 Pace. Which was good, close to my 10k pace would put me at a 40:30 10k. Assisted by a few traffic stops on the way back, but I will take it.

Total of 9 Miles in 1:05:38, so a good workout today. Not too hot or humid.

I think 8 of us ran at lunch and none of us did the same workout, different distances, intensities, start points.

Tom ran a similar route to me, but ran the 2nd inner road, as did Craig M, but he started at Cheeseman and went the 1st inner road in the park.

Craig C was the only traditional Middle 3 guy today.

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