Thursday, May 14, 2009

Y to Country Club Hill - 6 Miles

Ran from the Y to the top of the Hill by the Country Club, no middle 3 due to the relay on Sunday.

I did pick up the pace a bit to run with Jay and Pete C. Pete C turned around as did Matt. Matt was a bit faster, going his 10k pace. I did just below my 12k pace comfortably for 2 miles. It was warm, but not like Wednesday

Jay did the middle 3. He won today (if you toss out Scott which we always do). Tom ran the 6 easy with a big hike coming up on Saturday. Mike from the CAC ran it also, first time in months, coming back from a hip injury.

Scott did an "easy" 17:21. He did the Barkin' Dog duathlaon on Saturday and won the 50-54 age group and place well overall (especailly when you toss out the pros). He did a 17:21 5k 30k bike and then a 18:00 5k. I'll post it over on the prostates site when I get a chance. He's amazing

So Sharon is out for the Relay, her Fiance Neil is in, which takes off about 5 minutes from out predicted finish, now at 2:54:00. Which could be competetive depending on who shows up of course. I notified the race officials.

I felt some tightness in my right calf, gives me some concern. I might take an extra rest day as a precaution before the relay. I will evaluate tomorrow.

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