Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2009 Bannister Mile 5:35

Our Group ran it’s annual Bannister Mile in honor of the 4 minute mile being broken by Roger Bannister 5/6/1954. This was Dave Caprera’s idea back in 2004 the 50th anniversary, so it’s our 6th year doing it. Dave couldn’t make it this year. We meet at the Manual High School track on the closest Tuesday to the date since that’s our track day for training. We invite a bunch of former runners and people outside our group and they invite people too, so we get a pretty good crowd and you never know who’s going to show up. This year Carlos talked it up at the Y and got a couple of ladies to join us. I invited some people around the Y and some other runners and the ladies from my Colfax relay team (Jill, Alicia and Sharon), none of them could make it so only 2 women this year.

We had 17 runners, plus Carlos, George and Doug helping out. We only had one wave, but it was a fast group this year 10 runners under 6 minute miles.

I was going for 5:30. My PR was 5:40 set last September. My strategy was to run 80,85,85,80 400 laps.. I ended up running 79,85,88,81. The 3rd lap is always the hardest and slowest, I was surprised more about my 4th lap, usually the fastest. I felt good through the whole race and after so I think I didn’t push hard enough. I had Chris and Craig just in front of me so I had motivation to kick it in the end and still fell a little short of my goal. But a PR is a PR and I am happy with that.

We ran the two miles from the Y, about 10 of us started out from there, the rest met at the track. It was a comfortably cool day, no wind and clouds,

Biggest surprise for me was to see Charley Perez, hadn’t seen him in 3 years or so. He was a top ranked tri-athlete in the 50+ age group and an outstanding runner.. He once gave me a free pair of Aasics. He’s still in great shape and running smooth.

A few newcomers including the ladies Carlos brought.

After the fast guys all “warmed up” and the rest of us chatted or stretched. Scott put on his spikes as did Craig C. There were 4 new people this year, so I introduced myself 2 came from Carlos, 1 from Charley and 1 from Mark.

Carlos gave us a 3 minute countdown and lined us up

We gave Scott the pole position as he deserves it, and everyone lined up more or less how they thought it would start off without having to pass anyone Carlos said go and we went. I felt good at the start, my goal was to stay just behind Chris Kamper for the first lap, which I did. We were 40 at the 200 and I felt like I was running smooth and felt good. The first lap went well and I stayed with the front pack behind Steve, Matt and Chris we hit the first lap at 79. Scott was already way ahead of everyone.

2nd lap I backed off just a bit since the first lap was so fast, but I still felt good. The pack pulled away from me some, they were still on an 80 second lap pace. As I looked over my shoulder on the curve I didn’t see a lot of runners on the straight so I knew it was a fast group behind me. I hit the 2nd lap at 2:45 which was perfect. I remembered thinking if I was running 800’s at the track and did a 2:45 I would be gassed, but for whatever reason the mile is different.

I knew the 3rd lap was the hardest so I thought just run another 85 lap. On the curve Craig M and Dave Chipman passed me. I stayed with them through the most of the lap but Craig and Chipman were pulling away. I hit the 3rd lap at 4:13. I had lost a lot of time on that lap and 5:30 was looking doubtful but I felt good and thought maybe I could catch Craig M and get a 5:30.

Oddly enough, I didn’t look at my watch but focused on Craig and gained a bit on him. Chipman was really pulling out. Scott was way ahead and Matt and Steve were real close to each other but ahead of Dave who was gaining on Chris so 7th place. I had no idea who was behind me or how close. With 200 left, I looked at my watch and saw 455, no 5:30 today but a PR was definitely within reach. Craig M was really kicking and I was trying to catch him. With 100 left to go he was about 2 seconds ahead, I gave it a good kick but finished a second behind him. I was a bit winded after but recovered quick which makes me think I didn’t push hard enough the last lap early on. Chipman told me later I started out too fast and should have hung with him and had a fast last lap. He’s run a 4:02 mile at BYU so I guess he knows what he’s talking about, he ended up 5:23 today.

When I finished I grabbed my knees and some air to see how everyone else finished. Eric and Mark were right behind me. Mark surprised me how much faster he has gotten in the last year. Eric doesn't do track work very often but always has a fast base. The group was spread out pretty good and we stood around and clapped as everyone finished. Candace, who Carlos had talked into coming from the Y came in at the end and got the biggest applause, she's a bike rider at the Y who doesn't run a lot but was out there giving it what she had. Most of us had lapped her on the last lap.

We ran the relay afterwards. Carlos, George and Steve figured out the teams. They were well matched this year. 8X200. Very competitive, Matt gave us a huge first leg advantage, he was flying. I ran the 3rd leg against Chipman. We had batons this year, thanks to Steve. I can’t remember the last time I passed a baton in a relay on a track. Tom handed off to me and I probably had about a 3 second lead. Could I hold off Chipman in a 200 for 3 seconds? I ran as hard as I could after a good exchange from Tom. Hamstrings, calfs, groin be damned, Chipman was not going to pass me/our team without a fight. I held him off although he picked up a second or so. The legs were all pretty close, the anchor was really exciting with Eric a few seconds behind Steve but closing the gap. Our team won 4:09 to 4:11, it was a much faster relay than in previous years. Fun Stuff. Luckily nobody pulled anything or any injuries this year.

Results are posted on the pickled prostates web site.


This is a PR for me and I met the first of my 2009 Goals on the right of my blog.

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