Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rest / Recover Day

Took a rest day to recover from the race yesterday. My Calfs were tight especially my right after the race yesterday. Didn't really feel like running anyway.

Went to the Y stretched and did some abs and weights. I really didn't feel like talking about the race so I didn't chat to the other runners about it. I did trade a few emails and brief conversations here and there. Like Tom said, "Next Year will be different".

I have a massage tonight, I am going to have her work the legs. I am planning on ramping up my miles with more endurance (both mountain and long runs) over the next 3 weeks. I entered my plan for this week on my calendar. With both an Evans training run and a long run this weekend (I did it last year...).

The Colfax Relay pictures are in, not of lot of the whole team (Matt and Alicia are missing completely). A lot of me though especially at the finish. I looked at the other team pics to look for the clock in the finish and the DAC team clearly shows a 6 in the minutes when they finished and that was the girl that was ahead of me, so either she pulled up or got lost in the park because her 56 comes after our 55 shown on the finish photos.

Colfax Marathon Relay Photos

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