Sunday, May 3, 2009

Long Run - 14.5

Did a long run today, first one since before Moab. I felt it too.
It was warmer with some sun today, good running weather, I left about 1 in the afternoon. I went around the Cherry Creek Dam, 14.5 mile loop back to my house. My legs were really dead at the end, which was good, I needed to push my endurance.

Last night I was coming down the stairs barefoot and stepped on a dog chew bone with my right foot. This caused me to jump up and slip down the stairs. I slamed my left foot into the stairs and jammed my middle big toe. It was swollen and red, not sure if it's broke or just sprained. When I was running about 4 miles in it started hurting but then just got numb after about 7 miles. My left knee started hurting about the 12th mile and hurt after.

I was really tired and sore, I soaked my feet and legs in the bath in cold whater and then I took a shower and had a nap, which is rare after a long run for me. This run felt a lot longer, my endurance is really suffering, I need more long runs and some mountain running.

14.5 Miles 2:00:04

I saw Jay Survil up by the Dam Road going the other way and then again at Parker and Quincy at the light. We chatted for a couple of minutes about Cherry Creek Sneak and upcoming races. He had done the same loop around the resevoir but in the opposite direction.

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