Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Congress Park and the Track

My first double workout of the year, both moderate.

At lunch I ran with the group the congress Park route. When we got to Cheesman we did one interval along the long strecth. 1/2 Mile I ran a comfortable 2:53. It was hot but the park has lots of shade. Made it easier knowing there was just one. Then we went the Congress route. The pool has water but not open yet. Tom, Craig C. Pete C. and myself. When we got back to Cheesman Craig and Tom ran another 1/2 interval. My calfs and legs in general were still sore form the relay race.

After work, I went to the Laredo Track near my house and did some intervals when it was nice and cool. I ran some 800's with Jill (3X3:30) and did some 400's at my pace (75-85) with a long rest recovery in between. My last 400, I also ran another 400 with Jill with no recovery.

After the workout, Jill and I stretched some and talked about the relay, some fun stories but everyone except me hated their legs and running on Colfax in general.

They posted all the results for the Colfax Marathon Relay and we (Pick'd Pro's) got 3rd overall and 2nd in our division (#1 team was in our division). Only 5 teams including us were under 3 hours.

Link for Colfax Relay Results

9 Miles total for the day.

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