Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wash Park 7 - Tempo Run

Ran a Tempo run to Wash Park and back. The goal was sub 7 for 7 miles.

Originally Matt was going to join and then Tom, but Matt couldn't make it today, so it was just Tom and me. It was hot, in the 80's hottest day so far this year and we felt it.

Pete C. joined us to Cheesman, then did some intervals. We finished at the Y together.

I was pretty consistent under 7 for the first few miles, kinda got into a middle 3 mode in the middle (did a 19:40 on the middle 3). I started fading towards the end of the middle 3 to Cheesman, stopped for water in Cheesman and I needed it. I did pick it up a bit the last mile running on the shady side of the street. Afterwards I was sweating really hard and was tired, but I felt good about the run despite the heat and the trail race on Sunday. According to my records that's a PR on that course from the Y going back to 2003. But I haven't run that route hard very often (obviously).

I separated from Tom about the time we hit the middle 3 mark. He did good though and ran just under 50 minutes which is a good 7 minute mile pace.

7 Miles 47:30

Garmin Watch Data for Run

Sharon on my relay team has an injured knee and we might have to replace her with her fiance who runs around a 35 minute 10k. Okay, if we have too... Lots of email traffic on the relay today.

After work I paced Jill for a mile at the SHHS track, she did a 6:53 under windy hot conditions. Nice Job Jill. Add another 1.5 miles for the day for me for 8.5.

Then I had a nice massage with Tara.
Rest day tomorrow.

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