Monday, May 18, 2009

Race Recovery Day

Recovering from yesterdays race, so no run today. My legs (quads, calfs, hamstrings) were sore from the 12k leg yesterday. I felt good about my pace and effort. Could have probably done better on the uphill up 17th.

My plan is to arrive at Bolder Boulder on Monday healthy, rested and ready to race. I'm in the AA wave so it's going to be a fast group and I don't want to get left behind. Also I want a 10k PR that has held since 1996. My goal is sub 40, but based on recent races and paces, that seems a stretch.

Still haven't had time to blog on the relay. Such a fun day and some good memories I wanted to get down. The results are posted but they are confusing with some strange chip times. But it looks like they got our final time and our placing correct.

Here's our team picture in Alicia's front yard (Jill,Alicia,Dennis and Matt -Minus Niell) That's Alicia's dog Frankie. Matt didn't have a medal on him so I shared mine, but it looks like I'm checking his heart with a a stethoscope.

Went to the Y, chatted with the runners a bit about the race yesterday and then stretched, did some weights and some abs.

Need to figure out my schedule for the week that tunes me up for Boulder.

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