Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran to Wash Park today, 7 miles. It was a nice day, sunny, around 70 and everything is so green from the recent rain. Started with Jay and Matt, but they turned off at Cheesman so it was just me. Felt good to get away from work and just run easy on a nice day.

I stopped at the turn around and stretched out my calfs which were still tight from Bolder Boulder. I say Jeff and Jerry coming out of the park from an up-tempo bike ride 4 laps. We chatted a bit then I ran back easy. After my calfs were twitching at my desk.

I had a massage last night, it was good. I had Tara work on my legs for 50 minutes. Calfs, Hamstrings, Quads, Knees, ankles, front back everything. She asked me about the Relay and the Bolder Boulder. I am impressed she remembers what my races are, maybe she writes them in a log or something. I told her the good news about the relay and then I put more of a positive spin on BB than I really felt. She seems to take it personally when I don't have a good race like it's related to the massages. Ha! She asked me what my next race was and when I told her Mount Evans her mouth dropped. Why am I doing this race again? Oh Yeah Pikes Peak Prep. And why am I doing Pikes Peak again?

7 Miles 54 Minutes

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