Monday, May 25, 2009

Bolder Boulder

Ran the Bolder Boulder today. 42:26. Not my best effort, mixed results
I was hoping for 41 or under, but it's my fastest Bolder Boulder ever and a 10k PR by 7 seconds. A PR that has stood since 4/30/1996 (ABQ run for the zoo).

Zach did 48:42, his first 10k.

45,000 runners. It is quite an event. The hills, crowded field, many turns and overall uphill elevation gain of this point to point race make it a tough 10k.

I started out good, following Craig Murray for the first mile, but he was pulling away from me a bit. Then struggled some on the hills and turns and fell off pace. My quads were really burning, I guess from last weeks 12k relay leg. I had an easy week between the two races though, so not sure why. I was around 21 at the 5k mark, and felt like I was losing pace. I had my Garmin but did not try to stay on pace with it.

Around the 5 Mile mark Bob Basse passed me and said "Come on Dennis, stay with me". I picked it up a bit and hung within 50 meters of him the rest of the race. At the 9k I got a second wind and gave it a hard push to the finish. I wanted to run faster to beat my PR as I hit the stadium, I knew it would be close and had about 200 meters to go.

After I finished I tried to say hi to Bob but he took off for the exit. I stayed and waited for the others who were just a few waves behind and within 10 minutes of me. I saw Tom, then Jay we talked a bit. The security people were trying to push us to the exits. "Move along". I saw Jill, went over to talk to her, she said she felt terrible and just wanted to go home, so I walked back over to Tom and Jay. Didn't see Alicia at the finish, but I found Zach. He did good and had a smile on his face. He was confused a bit by the Kilometer markings vs the mile, but figured it out.

We went to section 118 and Tom met his Niece (Peggy) who is really fast and was in my AA wave. Zach and I went to the expo and then dropped by the car to get some warm clothes and phones and drop off the goody bags. We went back to 118 met the others and hung out a while. Zach's friend was "running the race" way back in wave MH and was phoning zach updates as he approaced the finish. Zach, met his friend and walked around with him while I hung out at 118. Everyone else left so it was just me. Zach and Conner came back and we watched the elite men start and then left. On the way home it poured rain on us like I haven't seen in a long time.

My calf's were sore the rest of the day, I have a massage scheduled for Tuesday night, so I hope to get them worked on and probably take a rest day from running.

2009 Bolder Boulder Race Results

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