Friday, May 29, 2009

City Park Duck Pond - 5 Miles

Did an easy duck pond run (5 miles today), another beautiful lunch time run.
Big crowd today hadn't seen Andre or Dave C in a while.

A weird thing happened as we started back toward the Y past the duck pond. Running slow and easy and enjoying the day. I got several sharp pains in my upper right hip that I could feel through to my glute behind me. Felt like a pulled muscle, I almost stopped running. I stretched at the lights when we stopped and ran through it back to the Y, but it was definitely something there. Later at my desk it tightened up. I've never had a problem in this area before and I was running easy when it happened. I did do some weights and the back machine before going for a run. Hopefully just a temp cramp/type thing????

I hope this doesn't mess up my evans run and my long run on sunday and my 3 week ramp up schedule. We'll see. I might be walking up evans and get swept off the road tomorrow by the runners coming back down.

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