Thursday, May 21, 2009

Country Club Hill - 6 Miles

Ran from the Y to the top of the Country Club Hill at Downing today with the group. It was a cool day 50's, clouds, no wind. Felt like it was about to rain but never did. Typical Denver memorial day weekend weather coming up. Supposed to be like this all weekend. Maybe it will make for a good Bolder Boulder on Monday.

Medium size group today, no mddle 3ers. All the BB runners were there Tom, Craig M, myself and Jay joined late and met us on the way back.

We talked about races, starting waves and a meeting point for after BB, section 118 if anyone else wants to join us.

Pete C and I charged the Country Club hill, about 1/4 mile uphill. I did three surges and Pete stayed with me on each one. Tom and Craig C were right behind us. Jeff and Craig M held back. Craig recovering from Colfax Half

Craig M and I are in the same wave at Bolder Boulder, should be fun trying to stay with him through 6.2, maybe we'll push each other toward sub-40.

6 Miles 46 minutes.

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