Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Long Run - 20

I ran 20 on Sunday. A very slow long run. About a minute and a half over marathon pace. I got a later start than I wanted, did not start running till 7:20. With the forecast in the low 90's I knew it would be hot before I finished. My energy level has been low and my legs are still recovering from the relay, despite an easy week of running last week. I worked a lot in the field Saturday, clearing the course for the State Cross Country Pre-Meet at the Arapaho county fairgrounds. About 3 hours, that zapped my energy and made my back a bit sore. I knew going into the run it was going to be slow and kind of miserable and it was. Attitude is everything.

I ran around CC Park, the 18 mile route I did 4 weeks ago with another 2 miles added on to it. I ran through the tower loop, back on the road to the campground and then the path up to the path that follows Parker road, then back down to the road and back the same way. Came out 20.05 miles. Perfect distance. I started getting fatigued about 14 miles and it was getting hot. I had plenty of water stops and GU every 5 miles which helped. The last 5 miles I stopped and got a good water break to stay hydrated. I told myself just keep going, don't worry about pace.

20 Miles

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  1. 20 is excellent....are you training for Denver or some other marathon?? It was good to see you. Jim showed up about 1 minute after you left and we ran about 6. Felt good to get out there again - but now I'm having some major knee thingie. Always something!