Tuesday, August 3, 2010

EHS Track Intervals 8 X 800

Ran 8 X 800 Intervals at the EHS track at lunch. My range was 255-305. I took a longer recovery a 400 instead of a 200 for 6 of the 8 to try to keep my sub 3 range. I noticed the track workout after a race tend to be slower and harder to stay on pace for multiple intervals so the slower recover did help. The first 800 was my slowest.

Jeff, Bob, Tim and I went to the track, everyone did 800'. They did 5 and headed back. I was going to do 2 more, but then Jay showed up as I was on the second, so I did 3 more with the last one being at Jay's pace 3:10 with a strong kick at the end for 8 total.

On the way back I did an up tempo 1/2 mile down to the Y in 2:54, downhill with a traffic stop

9 Miles with 4.5 of speed work.

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