Tuesday, August 10, 2010

EHS Track

Ran some Intervals at the EHS Track today at lunch.
I did 5X400 @ 78 - 85 and 1 800 at 2:54.
A couple of extra easy laps before and after. Wanted to do a light track workout to save my legs for the Relay on Friday.

We had a huge group at the track today. 12 Runners, everybody doing their own interval workouts on a nice Sunny August day, not too hot, Low 80s. It was inspiring.

I did 4X400's at a decent pace 79,82,78 80. With an 800 in the middle at 2:54. I did another 400 on Jays 2nd lap of his 800 around 85. Felt good.

Ran back easy.
6 Miles 50 Minutes with 1.75 Miles of Speed Work.

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