Thursday, August 19, 2010

Between Relays

It's looking like I'm not going to get my Cache-Teton relay blog post done before the Colorado Relay, I have some stuff written but not ready for publishing and I am running out of time.

This week after Cache-Teton, I took Sunday and Monday off from running. My hamstring is really sore and my glutes and hip are sore and tight.

I went to the track on Tuesday with the group but just jogged around the track with Bob and Craig then back to the Y. 4 Miles Total That night I had a massage, 80 minutes with Tara and she worked my left leg pretty good, hamstrings, calfs, heel, glutes and hip. Also got rid of some of the tension in my back/shoulders. Very good, I think that helped.

Wednesday I ran out to Cheeseman easy and back (2.5 miles) and then did Yoga. We worked on hamstrings and glutes and did some running poses and that seemed to help.

Thursday rest day and team meeting for the Colorado Relay at lunch, plus last minute details and planning.

We could not find another runner for our team to Andre who dropped out this week due to injury, so we decided to run with 9 this year. Due to rule changes we can keep our masters status. As a result, Patrick, Steve R and I will be running 4 legs. I will have 23 miles total and will spend more time in the active van. The positive is the miles are easier, flatter and I get to run the same legs as Zach and anchor the team to the finish.

The teams are very close on paper, the prediction is 40 seconds apart, but we don't know the impact of running the 4 legs.

I am concerned my hamstring will tighten up again, but I will give it my best shot.

I will try to post during the relay over at the prostates blog, that contains our current lineup

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