Thursday, August 5, 2010

Middle 3

Ran the middle 3 at lunch today. 18:58. It was a good day for it, temps in the low 80's, so not real hot. We had a good group out today. Craig M, Tim, Jeff, Jay, Tom and I did the middle 3. Scott, Matt, Dave and Craig C ran Cheeseman.

Craig M beat me by about 20 seconds on the Middle 3, he's in great shape training for the Denver Marathon.

I had not done a middle 3 since mid June. With the relays I won't be able to do one for a couple of weeks.

Lots of relay activity the last couple of days, trying to replace runners. My Cache-Teton relay found a runner today, so we are back to a full team and on track for next Thursday.

Zach is running on the Somewhat Pickled team this year and they are still looking for 2 female runners. One prospect is Erin but she has not committed yet. Still looking, if you know someone let me know.

The Pickled Prostates team has a full roster and Jeff is working on the leg assignments, I think I am ruining the same legs as last year. 2 Weeks till that one.

7 Miles 52 Minutes with 3 Miles of tempo

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