Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bergen Peak Run - 11 Miles

Ran the Bergen Peak 11 Mile loop today with the Group. We met at Andre's house at 7:30 and run up and back down. 8 Of us ran it this year. Matt, Craig M, Scott, Bob, Steve R, Howard, Johnathan and myself. Andre did not run this year, he's had problems with muscles cramps due to antibiotics he has been taking. Andre did provide us with a great brunch from his beautiful home afterwards.

We were camping 2 hours away at Red Dirt Reservoir north of Kremling. I got up at 5:00 am and hit the road around 5:20, getting to Andre's in Evergreen right at 7:30. We left his house after everyone got there around 8. Johnathan is new to the group. Andre met him at the Y, he's a good runner, younger guy, who runs mainly in the morning from the Y before work.

Scott was king of the hill today, no surprise there, but he ran up in 55 Minutes. Ran back down and half way back up again to meet the group on the way down. He probably did 15 miles total. Craig M was one of the first to the top and did a couple of extra miles on the way down to Andre's the long way.

This is a tough run that really challenges me. I thought I could run more of it but took several walking breaks. 2300 feet of Elevation gain over a 3.5 mile section with some tough trail and lots of switch backs. Starts at 7700 feet and tops out at 10,000. It took me 1:14 to get to the top. 9 minutes faster than last year, but I was slowed with a hip injury last year. Great views at the top, where we sat in the sun and waited for everyone to get there and talked about running for a while. Then back down. The group took off at a fast pace. Faster than I wanted so I slowed down. Even at that, I rolled my right ankle 3 times and my left one once and almost bit it hard one time, but no actual falls. About 50 minutes to get back, not exact because I messed up my Garmin when we stopped to talk to Scott half way down. Similar to last year.

Thanks to Andre and Lorette for hosting the run and the great brunch. A fun tradition.

11 Miles of Trail Running 2:10 with 2300 feet of elevation gain.

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