Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EHS Track - 5 Easy

Ran the EHS Track - 5 Miles Easy. Recovering from the relay, legs are still dead, left hamstring heel and gloute are all still tight and sore.

Ran with Pete, Jay, Dave, Tom and Jeff. Alicia joined us at the track and ran back with us. Pete, Tom and Dave did some intervals. Jeff, Alicia and I ran easy around the track. Jay was the iron man today doing 8 X 800.

They posted the Colorado Relay results today with corrections and we ended up being the 2nd place team with a time of 21:48. The Young Guns beat us with an Ultra Team of 5 runners with a time of 20:03, so not even close. The relay had their starting time wrong.

5 Miles 40 Minutes

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