Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yo-Yo - Yoga

I mixed up my workout today a bit. I am running 6 days this week and had a 4 mile recovery run on the schedule but I also wanted to go to yoga at 12:30

So I ran 4 miles at lunch and then went to the 12:30 Yoga class.

In order to make the 12:30 class and get 4 miles in, I left the Y at 11:50, ran up 16th to Park, then back down to meet the running Group around Grant then back up 16th to Cheesman Park, then Back down to the Y. Hence the Yo-Yo Run and then the Yoga Class (where I walked the dog).

Kind of a different run. I saw different runners than normal since I was a bit earlier.
Saw Scott flying up 16th on his way to a 10 mile tempo.

On my way back to meet the group, I ran with Anita from the Y a bit. I've seen her run for a while, she runs with another guy and they have a pretty good pace, but run earlier than our group. So I introduced myself and told her she had a good pace and should run with us at 12 when she has a chance, told her some of the routes and workouts we do. She sounded interested, we'll see.

The group today consisted of just Bob, I turned around and ran with him to Cheesman at a good pace.
Then back to the Y at an easy pace. Just in time to change shirts, fill my water bottle and get to the Yoga class.

Class was good, I was nice and warmed up and felt more flexible and energized. The massage last night helped, I did have a few sore spots (hip and knee form the track work yesterday). Talked to Susan a bit as I was leaving the Y about Yoga and Running and Training.

4 Miles 32 Minutes and a Yoga Class

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