Thursday, February 25, 2010

Around Wash Park - 9.5

Ran from the Y around Wash Park and back at lunch today. 9.5 Miles, 1:16:58

I don't run this route a lot because it's takes a longer lunch and usually nobody in the group wants to go beyond 7.

I had it on my training schedule to get 40 miles in the week with the 10 Mile Race on Saturday (Snowman Stampede).

I left the Y with Jeff, Tom and Craig C, we ran easy and Craig M caught us about 1/2 way up 16th. Jeff Tom and the Craigs went down the bike path. No middle 3er's today.

Chipman caught up to us at Speer as they were splitting off, he ran with me to the Park the edge of the park. He and Jeff were both getting over colds. Tom's still recovering from his fall and Craig C just got back from Yllowstone.

I ran around the park and back Solo. The path at the park was very sloppy, lots of slush and water and mud. Some Ice/Snow spots too. I held a pretty good pace around 8 minutes, I jumped on the road in a few spots. Lots of runners on the path and the road. Nice day, 44 with some sun. A small snow storm was supposed to hit at lunch but didn't make it here yet.
Got back to the Y in 1:16:58, looked at my logs and that's the fastest I've run that route by about a minute, but it's not a common route. I only ran it twice last year. I have a few more on the schedule before Boston

Garmin Watch Data for Run

10 Mile race on Sunday, so rest day tomorrow.

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