Monday, February 22, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park 7 mile run with the group today.

It was cold mid 20's, but the sun was out and it didn't snow as much as they said it would last night. Still I'm sick of running on snow, one of the downfalls of training for an April Marathon in Denver I suppose.

Matt, Jay and Bob ran with me. Matt did the Cheesman 4, but Bob and Jay went on to Wash Park with me. Picked up the pace a bit on the way back which was good to help me stretch out and prepare for the rest of the week running. I stopped to tie my shoe lace (an ongoing problem with my current Asics) and they were gone. I told them "Jay and Bob Strike Back"

I was sore from yesterday, but not as sore as I was yesterday after the run. I seriously crashed and had no energy or motivation the rest of the day. Laid on the couch and watched the Olympics.

I went to Kelly's 7:00 yoga class this morning after a good nights sleep. It felt good to stretch some stuff out, work my core and get the blood pumping. I'm sure that helped me run at lunch. As I was walking to the Y in the morning in the dark and cold and ice everywhere, I was thinking I don't think I will be able to run today but felt better after Yoga and ready to go at lunch.

7 Miles 56 Minutes.

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